Defence Devil

Defence Devil



Written Youn In-Wan

Illustrated Yang Kyung-Il

Published Shogakukan

Demographic Shōnen

Magazine Shōnen Sunday

Original run April 2009 – ongoing

Volumes 5





Kucabara was recently banished and stripped of his powers. In order to regain his powers, he needs Dark Matter. He decides to become a Defense Devil in order to get dark matter. A Defense Devil's duty is to prove the innocence of human sinner of his or her crime; once that is done, a Defense Devil shall be allowed to take the sinner's dark matter. Kucabara then must prove the sinner's innocence before a Shinigami , lit. Death God) takes the sinner to hell. One day, Kucabara's friend Funi arrives and tells him the demon world is in dishevel and Kucabara must return to save it. Kucabara, with the aid of his friends, Bichura the dragon demon and a the female exorcist named Idamaria, infiltrates the demon world; they discover the source of the chaos to be Kucabara's younger brother, Legato, and set out to confront him.







Mephisto Barto Dertov Reffertlark Kucabara

Kucabara is the protagonist of Defense Devil and the third son of the great demon king. After being stripped of his powers by Legato, Kucabara becomes a Defense Devil in order to make a living. His duty as a Defense devil is to prove a person's innocence to prevent them from going to hell. Before he was stripped of his powers Kucabara was said to have the strongest Dark Matter in the Demon World due to his lineage. Also it is shown that Kucabara may have feelings for Idamaria










Bichura is a small imp like creature who was part of a famous dragon family. He was stripped of his powers and banished from the Demon World along with Kucabara




Elimona is a seductive devil who runs a store on the border, where Bichura and Kucabara live. She frequently cosplays and tries to seduce Bichura and Kucabara, much to their chagrin. However, she is often turned to for help or advice by the protagonists.



Idamaria is a nun who specializes in demon exorcism and is romantically interested in Kucabara. It is later revealed that Idamaria is able to produce Dark Matter from her body willingly. It turns out later still that she is the goddess of hell, Lilith.


Shugural Geripita

A proud, sentimental, and analytical Shinigami whose attacks are based on Mathematical formulas. He hates underlying schemes claiming they are against his aesthetics and would even revolt against Legato.



Legato is the primary antagonist of the series and the fourth son of the great demon king, Kucabara’s younger brother. After plotting Kucabara’s banishment, he received all of Kucabara’s power and was crowned king of the Demon World.



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Defense Devil Chapter 91
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