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These are extremely hard to find. Hence, these are links to some fan fictions that i love ! They are simply amazing, and if I gave out awards for fan fiction, these would probably be in the top slots. If you have a fan fiction you want me to look at it, so I can add it, please.

Please Note: the I’m not the Author any fiction , who wrote any all this these great works here. I’m Just a the reader. They are from many difference Author, But yet I found the some of them going together quite well Please Enjoy!!!

Disclaimer: This fan fiction is based on the Rurouni Kenshin manga. Rurouni Kenshin characters are the property of creator Nobohiro Watsuke, Shueisha, Shonen Jump, Sony Entertainment, and VIZ Comics. This is a non-profit work for entertainment purposes only. Permission was not obtained from the above parties.

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Before OVA 1 -Finish OVA1

- The Birth of a Swordheart

- Descent into Madness

- The Snow Raven

- Frigid Waters

- What_Child_is_This

- Definition of a Killer

- Sacred Sword

- The Eyes That Invite Death

During the revolution

- The Night Sky

No-one ever wants to sit next to Battousai at meal time. Is he really so terrifying? And what do his ‘minders’ think? Formerly Jasmine Tea; no longer a one-shot. Rurouni Kenshin – Fiction Rated: K – English – Angst/Suspense – Chapters: 4 – Words: 8,167 – Reviews: 44 – Updated: 7-29-09 – Published: 2-10-09 – - Battousai/Kenshin

After OVA : After Tomoe death until Meiji 11

- Amethyst an dAmber

- Amethyst an dAmber update

- Amethyst an dAmber update

- Kyuushutsu

 Katsura Kogorou, leader of the Choshu Clan, is captured and under a death sentence! Can Kenshin find and rescue him before he is executed? Set during the Bakumatsu, after Tomoe’s death. Show me,” KYUUSHUTSU (Rescue, Deliverance) Written by: Terry L. McElrath Kenshin demanded.Iwamura didn’t hesitate, walking over to a dusty counter. Using his finger, he drew a crude, but effective, map of the area surrounding the warehouse. “They’re on the rooftops of these buildings,” he said, marking each spot, creating a roughly circular pattern surrounding the warehouse. “Each site commands a good view of the streets leading here. What’s going on Himura-san?” he asked again, wiping the markings away with a sweep of his hand.“Not good enough. I didn’t have any trouble getting here without being seen.” Kenshin thought for a moment before continuing. “There are seven observers out there. Stay here and finish loading the wagon, but be on guard. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” With that, he left, moving as silently as before. This fan fiction is based on the Rurouni Kenshin manga and anime series. Rurouni Kenshin characters are the property of creator Watsuki Nobuhiro, Shueisha, Shonen Jump, Sony Entertainment, and VIZ Comics. This is a nonprofit work for entertainment purposes only. Permission was not obtained from the above parties.

- The Choshu Chronicles

- Rended

- The Samurai Wives

-The Darkest Shadows The Brightest Lights

- Hitokiri Battousai and wolf

Finished The revolution:

- Chance_Meeting

- Against a Sea of Troubles

» by hakubaikou reviews A red-haired, amber-eyed stranger washes up on shore in a small, seaside village. Rurouni Kenshin – Fiction Rated: T – English – Angst/Drama – Chapters: 10 – Words: 58,892 – Reviews: 477 – Updated: 12-10-04 – Published: 11-27-03 – - Kenshin

- Nobody Important

- Unexpected Lesson

Meiji 11- End [manga volume 28]

- In Search of Family

Set time at End of Manga – Anime: Kenji

- Like Father Like Son

Side story, what if such as:  time travel .

- Out of Time

During a trip to Kyoto with his friends, Himura Kenshin winds up in deep water… thirteen years in the past. How will Kenshin deal with the Revolution again? And how will his friends deal with Battousai, who has traded places with him?

- Freedom Isn’t Free

The Past Isn’t Over

- The Terrible Hidden Truths

- Boy Meets Dad

by Kagome Taisho ॰¦Canon to AU¦॰ Spoiler warnings for the OVAs. ܀ BACK TO THE FUTURE–ish, Kenji style ܀ Rurouni Kenshin – Fiction Rated: T – English – Humor/Action/Adventure – Chapters: 26 – Words: 70,641 – Reviews: 352 – Updated: 10-12-05 – Published: 2-24-05 – - Kenshin/Kenji – Complete

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Rurouni Kenshin’s Recomment Fan Fiction

 1. Descent into Madness

Author Conspirator

Time Line: Before OVA Trust and Betrayal [16 Chapter End]

 Simply stating, this fanfiction bridges the time period of Kenshin first joining the Ishin Shishi to when he becomes a cold-hearted Hitokiri (his transformation). This fanfiction overall, combines an EXTENSIVE amount of knowledge and research, taking from the time of the Bakamatsu, and making a time period so complex come to light. When I was reading it, I simply could not put it down and stayed up late in the night finishing it. The emotion it displays and brilliantly described fight scenes paint a picture so perfect that you seem as if you are watching it happen before your very eyes. The characters are all in character, and it also answers some of the questions we faced in the mere 2 volumes of 19/20 of Jinchuu.


Time line: After Tomoe death till End of the war.

  This story continues where the OVA movies ‘Samurai X Trust and Betrayal’ left off. begins after Takasugi (the guy who trained Kenshin as a loyalist after Kenshin left Hiko’s house. He was Katsura’s good friend and assigned Kenshin to him. Takasugi was the one who coughed a lot and fell off his horse at the end of ‘Samurai X – Betrayal’) has kicked all the pro-Tokugawa Shogun/Bakufu conservatives out of the government in Choshu province. He and Katsura pretty much run Choshu and hate the Satsuma clan almost as much as they hate the Shogun because the Satsuma clan had earlier kicked Choshu out of the Emperor’s court.

1. In The Shadows  by omasuoniwabanshi reviews

On a routine mission, Kenshin unexpectedly bumps into a lone Shinsengumi captain. What will he do? Mild OAV spoilers, nonshounenaiRurouni Kenshin – Fiction Rated: T – English – Action/Adventure/Drama – Chapters: 1 – Words: 4,746 – Reviews: 46 – Updated: 7-1-05 – Published: 7-1-05 – - Kenshin Disclaimer: I don’t own Rurouni Kenshin or Samurai X plot or characters. A/N: This story takes place after Tomoe’s death, but before the Battle of Toba Fushimi where Kenshin lay down his sword and became a wanderer. This is for Lilmatchgirl who inspired me to try again – even though my writer’s block is driving me crazy. Thanks to everyone else who gave suggestions and commiseration in emails and reviews. Pointless one-shot number two, here we go!

2. Evening Encounter by Maeniel reviews

A little what-if kind of thing. Okita’s heading home at the end of the war and encounters a certain redhead. What do they say to each other? (Not shonen ai. Just two people talking.)Rurouesni Kenshin – Author notes There has been this rush of fics that involve Okita, and I thought I would join in. No, really, I wrote this quite awhile ago and am just now deciding to post it, though all the bugs have not been worked out. This is just something that popped into my head one day. It’s a little what-if thing. This is not shonen ai. There is no romance in sight with this one. As for keeping the people in character, I do my best. I took some liberties with Okita, as we never really get to know him. I just love Okita’s character. I consider him to be one of the most under-appreciated characters in all of Rurouni Kenshin. They concentrate so much on Saitou–who is cool, granted–but not really on any of the other captains of the Shinsengumi. Anyway. Kenshin is how I imagined he would be at the end of the war. On with the story…


These are extremely hard to find. Hence, these are links to some fanfictions that YOU MUST READ! They are simply amazing, and if I gave out awards for fanfiction, these would probably be in the top slots. If you have a fanfiction you want me to look at it, so I can add it, please

The Snow Raven

Author Krista Perry

Tomoe’s thought: What she was thinking during the OVA

This is a very emotional fanfiction. It is about Tomoe basically, her point of view towards Kenshin and what she was thinking during the OVA’s (or time period when she met Kenshin). I really love this fanfiction because it is very emotional, and Tomoe is a character which stayed quiet most of the time when we see her. But this fic digs deep within her psyche and really amazes you on the description. It stays, of course, true to the manga as well, but by looking at it through another’s eyes we really get a different view of the situation. You really FEEL when reading this fic.

3 May 2009

The Darkest Shadows, The Brightest Lights by Naga

The Darkest Shadows, The Brightest Lights

by Naga rated PG-13 (T)
“Bakumatsu Kyoto, 1865 – Kenshin had barely time to grief before he was plunged again into killings and conspiracies.”
{ incomplete }

Up Date New Cp6: Himura’s Mission 31/5/90
As I said with Omasu’s “The Choshu Chronicles,” I am a SUCKER for political intrigue, especially during the Bakumatsu. This story is THE story to read if you’re into that as well. The research into the political background of the Meiji Restoration is so well-woven into the story that it’s hard to believe it’s simply fanfiction. If it didn’t have Rurouni Kenshin elements, I’d venture to say that this could be a very exciting novel that takes place during the time period. Though the updates are incredibly slow (slow enough to make everyone wonder if the story will be continued), they’re well worth the wait. Each chapter has loads of historical and political information packed into it, and it’s quite apparent that Naga has put great effort into making the details as accurate and realistic as possible. This is not a straightforward and easy read, however, so if you have a short attention span and don’t like having to think while you’re reading, this story is probably not the best choice for you. I understand not everyone is into politically-based fiction, but for those of you who are… I don’t know what you’re waiting for. ;) Highly recommended.[ This story is available online at fanfiction(dot)net ]

Fan-made: My First AMV

since Youtube had delete my account

Full Metal Alchemist AMV. Song is Cosmic Gate – Exploration of Space


The return of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

The return of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
The return of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is quite the welcome thing as the first season surprised us with how much fun it was with its mixed martial arts fighting. Focusing on a young man named Kenichi who wants to get stronger so he can protect a girl he likes, a girl who is a very powerful...


Ao no Exorcist

Ao no Exorcist
This world consists of two dimensions joined as one, like a mirror. The first is the world in which the humans live, Assiah. The other is the world of demons, Gehenna. Ordinarily, travel between the two, and indeed any kind of contact between the two, is impossible. However the demons can pass...



  Ishiyama High is a school full of delinquents. Oga Tatsumi, nicknamed "Ogre," is known as the most powerful delinquent of all. Even the upperclassmen and students from other schools recognizes his strength. One day, while engaged in a fight, Oga spots a huge man drifting down a river....



  Gintama The story takes place in Edo (known today as Tokyo because of the name change in 1868), Japan, which has been taken over by aliens called Amanto since the late Edo period. The samurai of Japan have fallen, and the Amanto placed a ban on carrying swords in public. The story...


Gintama: anime/manga mentions or illustrates

Gintama: anime/manga mentions or illustrates
  Japanese specific references In the Gintama series, most, if not all, episodes/chapters mentions or illustrates a different anime/manga, or a specific Japanese event or person. It also breaks the fourth wall in more than one occasion. In the first episode of the anime, there is a...


Heroic Age

Heroic Age
Storyline The story’s theme is based on stories in Greek mythology, especially those surrounding Heracles, upon whom the main character is based, and his Twelve Labors. Many of the other characters are also based on Greek mythological figures; characters share similar names to their Greek...


Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke
  Kimi ni Todoke is a romance shōjo manga by Karuho Shiina (Shīna Karuho). It has been published by Shueisha in Bessatsu Margaret since 2006 and collected in 12 tankōbon volumes as of September 2010. In 2008 it won the Best Shōjo Manga award in the 32nd Annual Kodansha Manga Award....


Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin
Rurouni Kenshin. Review Perhaps the astonishing thing about Rurouni Kenshin’s consistently strong following over the years is that the series is staggeringly inconsistent. For the first thirty episodes, it’s quite possible that I watched the same cliché on repeat. Some glory-hunting thugs or...


Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
  The story of "love, magic, and battles" revolves around Akuto Sai, a boy who aims to become part of his country’s highest order of magicians and contribute to society. His dream is to one day become a "high priest", an exemplar and champion of good. On the day he is admitted into the...


Togainu no Chi

Togainu no Chi
  After being devastated in the third World War (known as The Third Division), Japan was divided in two. Several years after the end of the war, a crime organization called Vischio has taken control of the destroyed city of Toshima (formerly Tokyo, Japan’s capital city), where they are...