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In Volume 1, the lead protagonist – a scrupulously honest college student named Nao Kanzaki – receives a package containing 100 million yen (about 1 million dollars) and a note that she is now a contestant in the Liar Game Tournament. In this fictional tournament, contestants are encouraged to cheat and lie to obtain other contestants’ money; those who lose have to bear a 100-million-yen debt. When Nao’s first opponent – a trusted friend and teacher – steals her money, she seeks assistance from a con man named Shinichi Akiyama. Through subsequent volumes, Nao and Akiyama advance through different rounds of the Liar Game Tournament against merciless contestants, while at the same time attempting to free their opponents from debt and to defeat the Liar Game organization from within. As of Volume 13, the first 5 rounds of the Liar Game have been covered.

Liar Game


Written by

Shinobu Kaitani

Published by Shueisha

Demographic Seinen

Magazine Weekly Young Jump

Original run 2005 – ongoing

Volumes 13


Nao Kanzaki

Nao Kanzaki is a "foolishly honest" college student, who is coerced into playing the Liar Game. She is extremely honest and, initially, naive, but these attributes allow her to win the trust of fellow contestants in the Liar Game. Nao is often able to make profound insights concerning the Liar Game and human nature and gradually learns to question others while maintaining her ability to trust her allies. Although Nao has had several opportunities to leave the Liar Game, she continues to play because she wishes to save the other players who have fallen into debt. Nao’s only known surviving family member is her father, who is in the hospital with terminal cancer.

Shinichi Akiyama

Akiyama is a graduate of Teito University with a master’s degree in psychology, Akiyama became a "genius" con man in order to take down the Multi-level marketing corporation that swindled his mother and drove her to suicide. In Volume 1, he has just been released from prison and agrees to help Nao in the Liar Game because her honest nature reminds him of his mother. Akiyama enters the Liar Game himself in Round 2 by substituting for another player, and by Round 3 is a respected, and feared, unofficial leader among the Liar Game’s contestants, although he recognizes Nao as the group’s true leader. Akiyama’s motivation for continuing in the Liar Game is to destroy the entire Liar Game Tournament organization.



Liar Game Volume 01

Nao Kanzaki, a young woman honest to a fault, receives a package containing 100 million yen and is forced to participate in the first round of the elusive "Liar Game", where she must protect the sum she received for a period of one month with the risk of suffering a large debt is she fails. However, she is tricked by her opponent who manages to steal the entire money from her. With the help of Shinichi Akiyama, a famous swindler who recently was released from jail, she manages to get the money back, but by showing mercy to the same man who deceived her, she is forced to participate in the next round of the Liar Game.

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Liar Game Volume 02

Forced to keep participating in the Liar Game, Nao and the other contestants of the second round are reunited into a mansion to take part into the tricky "minority game", where each round a question with two options is presented, and those who voted with the majority are eliminated. Nao is relieved to know that Akiyama exchanged places with a contestant to infiltrate the game and help her, but they must also be careful with a mysterious player who also did the same trick with the intention to win the entire prize money for his/herself.



Liar Game Volume 03

Despite being relieved from the Liar Game thanks to Akiyama, Nao decides to participate in the Revival Round where losers from the second round are given another chance to continue in the game. In a game called "Downsizing" where all players must cast votes on other ones and the least voted one is eliminated, she is put in a dire situation when she is tricked by Yuji Fukunaga, the same dangerous player they faced in the second round and she must count with Akiyama’s help to escape his trap.


Liar Game Volume 04

Nao, Akiyamaand the seven remaining players from the revival round must participate in the third round as a team in a game entitled "Contraband" where the team who manages to smuggle more money through the other team’s vigilance wins. But the opposing team is commanded by the mysterious Norihiko Yokoya who claims to have Clairvoyance powers, and easily obtain a headstart upon them.


Liar Game Volume 05

Akiyama devises a scheme to turn the tables against Yokoya but the team is put into serious danger when he uses the same strategy on them first. Running out of time, he decides to use Yokoya’s tyrannical rule over his teammates against him by convincing some of them to join his side in a last try to make a comeback.



Liar Game Volume 06

Yokoya manages to see through Akiyama’s plan to secure their team’s victory, or so he thought as the results are announced and he finds that he fell into their trap. Nao, Akiyama and Fukunaga decide to continue the game, determined to free all other players, but when Yokoya is about to retire from the game, ruining various players in the process, Nao confronts him and convinces him to keep playing.



Liar Game Volume 07

Having technically lost the third round, Nao,Akiyama and Fukunaga take part in a series of one on one matches against another trio in another revival round in order to advance to the fourth round. In the first match, a harmless variation of the "Russian roulette", Nao convinces Fukunaga to force a draw in order to ensure that the game would be extended to the third match. But Akiyama’s opponent in the second match, a game of poker with different rules, may be more than he could handle. To complicate matters, Nao realizes that the real opponent in this round are not the opposite team, but the LGT itself.

Liar Game

Liar Game Volume 08

Akiyama manages to see through his opponent’s plan and wins the second round. In the third match, a game called the "stationary roulette" where one player must guess which number the other chose. Nao tries to convince her opponent to cooperate with her in order to save their team, but she refuses. With no other choice, Nao carries out a plan she personally devised with Fukunaga to force their team’s victory, and her opponent falls for the trap completely. With their victory assured, Nao and co. sink further into debt by paying for their opponents’ freedom, but advance to the fourth match where Yokoya is eagerly waiting to have his revenge against them.


Liar Game Volume 09 

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Akiyama and Nao arrive at the site of the fourth round just to find that the competitors are split into two groups whose members must compete among themselves in a preliminary round first, and to complicate matters, they must face Yokoya without Fukunaga’s help. In the game called "Pandemic" where "normal" players must make contact with other normal players in order to produce vaccines to protect them from "infected" ones, Both Nao and Akiyama try their best to obtain cooperation from the other players, but their efforts so far are being countered by Yokoya’s schemes to manipulate them.


Liar Game Volume 10

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Yokoya plans to take revenge at Akiyama by having Nao as the only eliminated player in the preliminary round, but once again his efforts to obtain victory by corrupting the other players are thwarted by the duo and he is forced to cooperate with them. Qualified for the fourth round, a modified version of the "Musical Chairs" game, Nao and Akiyama find that Fukunaga is among the players who failed to qualify, and the only advice he can give to them is that one of their opponents is an old man who can become a threat even more serious than Yokoya himself.


Liar Game Volume 11


Liar Game, volume 11 (partial), chapters 114-116


Liar Game Volume 12

Liar Game, volume 12, chapters 117-127

Liar Game Volume 13

Liar Game, volume 13, chapters 128-138

digizine Liar Game Vol.01 Ch.001: The Legendary Swindler 
Liar Game Vol.13 Ch.138: Conclusion

Liar Game, volume 11 (partial), chapters 114-116
Liar Game, volume 12, chapters 117-127
Liar Game, volume 13, chapters 128-138

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Shinichi Akiyama

Shinichi Akiyama

Shinichi Akiyama
Akiyama Shinichi       Name: Akiyama shinichi First Appearance: Chapter 1, Episode 1  Occupation: Scam artist Abilities: Lying Psychological Warfare Quick Thinking ...


Liar Game

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